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Our Story

Eurocolour Salon first opened in 2002 at the Ridgewood Plaza in Northfield. We started with a small team of two stylists, an assistant and a receptionist. We expanded to the Cornerstone Building in 2005, gathered additional experienced operators and estheticians and offered a wider array of services. With ever growing clientele, Eurocolour started making plans to create a totally new salon with spa services, in a lovely new location. All of our employees knew what our clients were looking for. All suggestions for a more efficient and client friendly salon were taken into consideration in our building process.

On May 9th, 2010, we opened our doors in our own building. It seemed that was the best way to satisfy our client’s wishes! We now have an extensive list of services for hair and esthetics, with all the friendly faces to make your visit a great one! We at Eurocolour are devoted to giving you the best possible experience in a clean and professional environment. We carry a broad array of products for your hair and skin treatments, including Goldwell, Redken and SkinCeuticals. Our stylists are excellent at following direction from the client or giving you a whole new look! Make an appointment today and start appreciating YOU!

Our Talented Staff


Mark Gorski

Meet Mark Gorski, a seasoned professional with three decades of expertise in the beauty industry. As the dedicated owner of EuroColour since its opening date, Mark has become a trusted authority in the field. His passion and skill converge in his specialization in colors and cuts, where he consistently delivers exceptional results. With a rich history of 30 years in the industry, Mark Gorski is not just a hairstylist; he is a visionary who transforms the world of beauty one color and cut at a time.

Fran Conte-Perez

Introducing Fran Conte-Perez, an esteemed professional boasting an impressive 30-year journey in the beauty industry, with a remarkable 16-year tenure at EuroColour. As an American Board Certified Colorist, Fran stands as a beacon of expertise and innovation in the realm of hair color. Fran is only taking new clients by referral, She has cultivated a reputation for precision and excellence. With Fran’s experience,  she continues to redefine beauty standards and elevate the salon experience for every client fortunate enough to secure a seat in their chair!

Beverly Danis

Meet Beverly!  With over three decades of experience, she is a dedicated professional committed to insuring the very best service and quality on behalf of her client’s hair!
She is a master colorist who will make you feel and look your best and will listen to all your hair concerns. She loves all aspects of color, including highlights, low lights, and balayage.
Beverly is dedicated to detail with precision and razor cutting, including men’s grooming needs. She will guide you through a wonderful experience including tips on how to take care of your hair. She has completed many years of continuing education, including with Martin Parsons, who is world renowned for his updos and “special event” hair. Known for her smile and attentive nature, Beverly welcomes  men, women and children to her chair.  She is proud to help her clients look and feel their very best.
In her time away from the salon, Beverly enjoys birding, knitting, traveling, dining out with friends, a good wine, and a good laugh. She is well known for her amazing home flower gardens that look like a page out of home and garden.

Instagram: @hairby_beverlyd

Facebook: Hair By Beverly

Maria Sakalis

Meet Maria Sakalis, a dedicated professional with a heart for beauty and a decade-long commitment to the industry. Having spent the entirety of her 12-year career at EuroColour, Maria is a seasoned expert in the art of hairstyling. For Maria, the journey into the beauty industry was a pursuit of happiness, driven by the profound joy of making others look and feel beautiful. Her passion is evident in her 12 years of dedicated service, where she has honed her skills to perfection. Maria’s genuine love for helping people feel good about themselves not only defines her career but also reflects her commitment to spreading joy and confidence one client at a time.

Instagram/Facebook: @mmariasbeautybar

Courtney Ridenour

Meet Courtney Ridenour who started her hair journey back in 2001. Moving down south from Monmouth County, she joined the EuroColour team in 2022. She has the passion to make others feel and look beautiful by creating bold but lived-in styles. With the ever-changing trends, she stays up to date with inspiration and education. Every head of hair is a new palette for her to create the best look for each individual whether it’s balayage, highlights, the perfect cut, or anything else to achieve the best results!

Instagram: @styled_by_courtney

Emery Zentmeyer

Emery Zentmeyer, a seasoned professional with a remarkable 12-year tenure at EuroColour and an extensive journey in the industry since 2002. With expertise in color, highlighting, cutting, and extensions, Emery is a versatile artist dedicated to the craft of hairstyling. Beyond the technical skills, Emery’s true passion lies in the transformative power of making people feel and look their best. Each day, Emery brings a blend of creativity and precision to the salon, ensuring that every client leaves not just with a new look, but with a renewed sense of confidence and beauty.

Julia Murphy

Meet Julia Murphy, a trailblazer in the hairstyling realm, who has been setting EuroColour ablaze for over 5 years. In 2018, she embarked on her cosmetology journey, choosing EuroColour as the stage to bring her hair passion to life. With roots deeply embedded in a love for hair nurtured since her youth, Julia thrives on the exhilaration of transforming her clients’ dreams into reality. A maestro of substantial makeovers, including the sought-after ‘lived-in’ look, Julia Murphy transcends the conventional hairstylist role. She is a dream architect, crafting beauty and joy, one hair transformation at a time, and leaving an indelible mark in the vibrant world of hairstyling.

Instagram/Facebook :

Gionna Ricciardi

Meet Gionna Ricciardi, a dynamic hairstylist bringing creativity and passion to EuroColour since the end of 2022. Starting her career at the age of 22, Gionna’s journey in the industry has been fueled by a lifelong love for art. Transitioning this passion into hairstyling, Gionna thrives on showcasing her artistic side while boosting her clients’ confidence and beauty. Known for her adventurous spirit, Gionna is always eager to take on new challenges and embrace learning experiences, ensuring every client leaves her chair feeling not only beautiful but also inspired by her artistic touch.

Instagram/Facebook: @glamorousbygmarie

Mia Ritz

Introducing Mia Ritz, a rising talent making strides in the beauty industry, who commenced her journey with EuroColour in 2023. Despite stepping into the world of beauty just three years ago, Mia’s enthusiasm for the art is unmistakable. She is currently honing her skills and eagerly absorbing knowledge, drawing inspiration from her clients daily. Mia approaches her career with deep gratitude, understanding the privilege of contributing to the beauty of others.  Mia is NOW ACCEPTING CLIENTS!


Devin Lepore

Introducing Devin Lepore, a dedicated stylist at EuroColour, where she has lent her talents for the since mid 2023. With a robust 3-year background in the beauty industry, Devin specializes in bringing out the best in her clients with a focus on blondes and vivid colors. Her expertise extends to the artistry of men’s cuts, fades, and intricate designs. Devin believes that while life may not be perfect, your hair certainly can be! Her true passion lies in helping others discover their brightest and most beautiful (or handsome) selves. Are you ready to transform your look? Join Devin on this journey to unlock your ultimate confidence and embrace a stunning new you!

Instagram: @b_ware_shecutz

Maryann Massarelli Petruzzi



Melissa Cappuccio

Meet Melissa Cappuccio, a seasoned nail technician with an impressive 26-year tenure in the industry. For the past 8 years, Melissa has been an integral part of the EuroColour team, bringing her wealth of experience and expertise to the salon. With a dedicated focus on promoting healthy nails, Melissa’s goal is to help people achieve not just beautiful, but also strong and nourished nails. Her passion for nail care is reflected in every meticulous treatment, making her a trusted professional in the pursuit of both beauty and nail health.


Rosemary Coiro

Introducing Rosemary Coiro, a seasoned esthetician with an illustrious career spanning over 25 years in the skincare industry. For the past 7 years, Rosemary has been a valued member of the Euro team. Her mission goes beyond the surface as she strives to make people feel as good on the inside as they look on the outside. Recognizing the integral role lifestyle plays in skincare, Rosemary is dedicated to educating her clients on the holistic approach to radiant skin. With a wealth of experience and a passion for overall well-being, Rosemary is not just an esthetician; she is a guide on the journey to healthy and beautiful skin, inside and out.

Instagram: @roe_skin

Kindra Ciannilli

Meet Kindra Ciannilli, a dedicated professional who embarked on her journey with Euro Colour in 2014. Starting her career right out of school, Kindra was fortunate to be trained by a team of amazing and talented women, shaping her into the skilled individual she is today. After a period away, Kindra is thrilled to be back home at Euro, where her heart lies. With a passion for growth and a vision for enhancing the spa experience, Kindra looks forward to expanding our offerings with advanced treatments and contributing to the continued success of EuroColour.

Instagram/Facebook: @skinbykindra

Leslie Niglio

Introducing Leslie Niglio, the dynamic owner of Mark of Beauty Academy since 2010. Renowned for her expertise in permanent makeup, medical tattooing, and advanced skincare, Leslie’s commitment to excellence shines through. Having studied with leaders from around the world, she brings a global perspective to her craft. For over a decade, Leslie has collaborated with a plastic surgeon, offering a unique blend of beauty and medical aesthetics. Recently joining EuroColour, Leslie is set to infuse our salon with her innovative techniques and wealth of experience.

Instagram/Facebook: @markofbeautyacademy

Makeup Artists

Julia Murphy

Maria Sakalis


Katie Gorski

We are hiring!

We are currently looking for stylists and colorists who have some background with Goldwell or Redken colors.

Please apply in person, via email, or phone.